April 2016


LEPORA Announces Revolutionary Water Filtration Pitcher

LEPORA Ltd. (HK), a private company with headquarters in Hong Kong, has announced a revolutionary new water filtration pitcher. The product, named the Pour Through 950, removes many more toxins than alternative products in the market. Independent testing has verified the removal of heavy metals, bacteria and over fifty volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The product also features a much longer filter life and lower cost per liter than comparable products, and is scheduled to be available in September of this year.

“We are very pleased to have developed the Pour Through 950 as our first introduction to our target health market”, commented John Leper, President & CEO of LEPORA. “In addition to removing such a high level of toxins the product is unique in that it retains essential minerals that are important to good health. Initial feedback from our potential sales partners has been extremely positive. We plan to incorporate our proprietary technology into additional industry leading water filtration products in the future.”